Evenings in the harbor

Welcome to the summer evenings by the Baltic Sea. We invite one farm each week and serve a 5-course menu based on their produce. Farm-to-table cooked over a fire. We don’t take reservations. So you have an equal chance of getting a table as everyone else that evening.

 The farm of the week 2021 coming up soon.

RÖKMENY… (the smoke menu) 17.00-21.00, we serve a chefs menus of 4 courses which costs 545sek pp. Composed of the produce provided by the farm of the week. There is a wine paring and “jos” paring available each night. We cook in front of you in our outdoor kitchen with a fire pit, a wood fired oven, fire kebab grill and a smoker. Our menus can of course be vegan and adapted to allergies.

Half price same size for kids under 12 years old.