Wine list

Natural wines from Europe.

“It would be downright stupid if we viewed our wines differently from the produce that we work with. I have met most of the winemakers on our wine card and have great appreciation for their philosophy” -Emma Andersson Sjöstrand, head sommelier and co-owner.

We serve wines that reflect their origin, location and the winemaker. The wines are selected from small vineyards that work sustainable, biodynamic and with biodiversity. Grapes are handpicked and sorted, yields are low, the fermentation is done with the grapes own native yeasts and many of the winemakers don’t add any sulfites. If you have an extra minute to spare, enjoy and prepare yourself with our wine list before your visit.

Wine list

The winelist according to others:

“A fabulous wine list for comtemporary wine lovers. The list is comprehensive, extremely well priced and its lenghts makes it exciting as it offers depth, witdth and originality without being overly extensive. Personally, without even looking at the food menu, I would love to travel to this restaurant purely based on its wine list.” Julie Dupouy-Young Starwinelist

“This place continues to impress! They went from a quaint place for insiders to lunch, to a gastronomic destination in a matter of a couple of years, and even more importantly created what can only be called a reference list for Natural Wine. An amazing effort, says jury member Arvid Rosengren when Hörte Brygga won Special Jury Price Nordic 2022.”

Finalists-in-star-wine-list-of-the-year-norden-2022 STARWINELIST
Winner in Star Wine list Special Jury Prize and Silver in Grand Prix list Sweden 2022
Silver in Star Wine List of the Year 2019 Low intervention / Natural Wine List Of The Year Nordic 2019