A circular restaurant

Love to the nature

We work with circular economy. All our food is prepared from what our collaborations with the local food heros create and we do not know what will be served until today’s deliveries roll in the morning. A lot can come between our planning with the food heroes and the plate. Weather, disease, drought, birds, deer and pests, etc. By working completely without a printed and predetermined menu, we create the freedom to cook when the vegetables peak and with that starting point there is no waste either. We always take care of the vegetables, from rot to top, the same day they are harvested. Taste and texture determine which existing traditional technology we use to best preserve them, lactic, pickled, salt, pickled (without sugar) and smoked, and give them the precondition for a long, yummy life and give ous time. The meatprotein is always cooked with gentle hand, nose-to-tail where everything that has been polished off is sent to Pierre (Marsvinsholms Utegris) and becomes charcuteries.

Most of our suppliers are small dedicated family / hobby companies in our vicinity who do not have the muscles and the time to spend on certification. However, all long distances (outside the borders of Skåne) are fair-trade, demeter, biodynamic or eco-friendly. These products always come from small, passionate companies that have direct and personal contacts with their food heroes. We carry along as far as possible and wait until a full pallet can go. Deliveries are made without unnecessary plastic and packed in boxes in a return system. As with all our food and wine, the rest of our choices are conscious. In everything from washable linen dishcloth, our laundry, the organic cleaning products,  the secondhand porcelain, the electricity from solar or wind energy, the biocube drain system, to the linseed oil paint from Allbäcks on walls and outbuildings. The water that is left in your water bottles we use to water flowers with. We are a paper-free organization and all our invoices in and out go digitally and our wine list is on the Star Wine List which you can find directly on your mobile. We work in organic clothing and have been working since 2013 on being free of unnecessary plastic consumption. We are in constant dialogue with our partners / food heroes and the like-minded restaurant on how we can together find new sustainable ways forward.