Eating at Hörte Brygga

Good to know before your visit

At Hörte Brygga you can not book a table, not pre-book food or have take-away. However, you can order catering from us. Dogs are welcome at the outdoor dining area. But since we have an open kitchen, they are not allowed inside the restaurant. All guest areas are wheelchair friendly.

We are not for everyone and everyone is not for us. You sit on a long table, we are in an old harbor which sometimes smells fermented seaweed, everyone stands in a queue and carry their own food and drinks. The only time you wait for food and drinks, is the time you spend in the queue with exciting new people, like-minded food and beverage-interested. The queue is a huge asset and one of the biggest reasons for the friendly atmosphere that Hörte Brygga has become so famous for. Wonderful conversations between generations and countries, good laughs, someone goes to the bar and get drinks and someone who spontaneously DJs on the record player. When it is your turn you will receive service from those who know our food and drinks best, the sommelier and the chefs. At the moment it becomes your turn, we have all the time in the world for you. You deserve it! No one behind you thinks it’s strange, because they know that they will receive the same treatment when it is their turn. Together we look though a caravan of flavors to find what suits you and your friends best.

The basket is not a finished plate (meaning it is not sauce, meat and potatoes). No. Here all the flavors comes on small charing plates and jars in a basket. Everything is meant for sharing all around the table. Because it is so much more fun to eat together! (Not saying that one portion is enough for two people). The smoke menu is ordered out in the Rökbaren (Smoking bar) and is more classically arranged with 4-course on a plate that you pick up at the speed you want to eat it. Since the start in 2014, we have been working towards finding the optimal size for a reasonable portion. The goal is for the majority to be full, without having to throw away our fantastic produce. We have found a size that works for most people, but everyone is, as you know, different and every now and then it happens that someone is not satisfied… If you know that you are an athlete or a big eater. Buy some extra protein, bread, cheese or cured meet. Then you don’t have to stand in the queue again. If you eat the rökmenyn (smoke menu) and still feel hungry… Just go to the chef and ask for more food… Leftovers?… Ask us for a doggy bag.

A warm welcome to our paradise by the sea! Love/ Hörte crew