"Smoke menu"

We have an amazing selection of farms in Skåne that work and lives for the samt believes as ours: long term diversity and sustainability. We invite some of these farms and serve a 4-course menu based on only their produce and add only diary, salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs from the soundings.

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 The farm of the week 2022

v.26. 28/6-1/7. ANGELIKAS GÅRD
v.27. 5/7-8/7.  ANGELIKAS GÅRD
v.28. 12-15/7.  BOKESLUNDSGÅRDEN
v.30. 26-29/7. RATHCKEGÅRDEN
v.31. 2-6/8. RATHCKEGÅRDEN

The selectable Plant menu is based of our friends produces at FAGRASLÄTT 

RÖKMENY… Farm-to-table cooked over a fire. After the snacks we serve 4 courses, composed of the produce provided by the farm of the week. There is a wine paring and “jos” paring available, but also our amazing natural wine list. We cook in front of you in our outdoor kitchen with a fire pit, a wood fired oven, fire kebab grill and a smoker. Our menus can of course be vegan and adapted to allergies.

The snacks and smoke meny cost 750 sek and you pay fore the menu, when you book your seats.
Same price, same size for kids.

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